Do you enjoy having  picnics with the whole family. Imagine it's a  sunny day, with a cloudless sky and green grass. Peaceful and happy times, when you just sit around and watch your wife and children having a wonderful time. It makes you feel good to be alive. 
For such outdoor events a key element is the picnic table. Although I am not a skilled woodworker, I was thinking how great it would be to build a picnic table myself. I figured there had to be some easy woodworking projects I could find on line to get some ideas for materials,designs and cost.
I was thinking Cedar or Redwood would be a good choice of wood to use. They are both good at repeling insects, and dry rot would be less of a factor. Redwood is expensive so I decided to go with Cedar since it's also easier to work with.
I searched the internet for easy woodworking projects and found a great site at
I was able to find exactly what I was looking for and the plans were easy to follow. There was also information as to how much material I would need and the approximate cost. I was really surprised at how easy this was to do when following the detailed instructions and diagrams. I would not have been able to build my picnic table without these plans and I was glad that I took the time to look for some easy woodworking projects designs before  even attempting such a project. 

Now as to how or if you want to treat your new cedar picnic table. Keep this is mind:

Cedar contains natural oils within its fibers that help it to resist decay and rot. Some people choose to let their Cedar furniture weather naturally without a stain or finish. Over time the colorful tones of the wood slowly weather to a handsome silver-gray and the grain of the wood will become slightly raised. Left completely natural this silver-gray color will eventually be highlighted by darker streaks formed from the reaction between the Cedar Resin and the zinc hardware. A naturally treated piece of furniture should last outdoors for at least 8-10 years.

Or If you want to treat it:

Cedar wood can be enhanced with semi-transparent or full-bodied stains. You may choose to weather-treat your wood, but it is not necessary as with other woods. Treating your Cedar furniture will help it to maintain its initial color, and can help to double its life.
I'm going to leave my picnic table untreated, and will simply cover it up in bad weather. I like the aged look of cedar.
Please don't paint your beautiful cedar picnic table!

 The entire family was impressed with my achievement and we immediately decided to try it out.  We all loved it, and I also had the satisfaction of building something with my own hands. Something that the entire family will appreciate and use for years to come.

Do you Want to build your own picnic table for your family? Then, why not check out these easy woodworking projects  that could save you a lot of money and time? You can go to and get plans and diagrams for the same  picnic table I built and also 14,000 more plans for all kinds of easy woodworking projects that you might want to do. You may be surprised what you can do with your own hands!